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With 1-on-1 Health Coaching, Becky Finally Found Weight Loss Success

Summer: July 2020

Becky loves the outdoors and spending time with her family camping, hiking, and biking. She remembers a family camping trip to Michigan in July of 2020, specifically, the anticipation and excitement felt as they planned to climb the amazing Sleeping Bear Dunes! Being an adventurous person, Becky did not usually allow her weight of 375 lbs. to hinder outdoor excursions, but when it came to climbing the Dunes, she was finally at the point where she couldn’t join her family on this one.

She remembers:

”Everybody went on without me, and I had to sit back by myself; that was a really sad moment for me.”

Becky no longer wanted to miss out on adventures with her family. She has two teenagers and wanted to be active with them:

“I realized I was tired of being rejected because of my size. I’m tired of not feeling good, being fatigued, and with diabetes in my family, I needed to do something.”


Health Concerns

Becky’s health needed to be taken into consideration when choosing a weight-loss program.  Her weight was causing rising hypertension, additional blood pressure medication, higher cholesterol, and gallbladder attacks. She also suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. Being in the medical field and on her feet all day, she would come home and be in great pain:

“As heavy as I was, I couldn’t do any housework. I just wanted to sit and prop my feet up.”


Becky’s Weight-loss Journey

Previous to July 2020’s revelation, Becky attempted Weight Watchers where she successfully lost 30 lbs., but soon realized the program was not sustainable. The meetings would consist of weighing in, sharing health tips and recipes, and finally a conversation on a generic topic. Becky felt the program was tailored to the group rather than the individual. She needed more individual support.

After Weight Watchers, she tried Atkins for one year. With exercise, she lost 80 lbs., but she felt this program was not sustainable long term: “It was too strict; Atkins gave no opportunity to gradually add in other foods.” Going off Atkins, she gained 80 lbs. back…and more.


Becky’s Profile Plan

That July of 2020 was a turning point for Becky: “I just knew I wasn’t going to continue on like this.” She began her weight-loss journey on her own and soon found this to be too difficult as she needed more support. In December, after a few months of no success on her own, Becky’s boss mentioned the program she was in, Profile. Through her boss’s description of Profile Plan, a lightbulb went off:

“That sounds like a program for me.”

So, in January 2021, Becky joined Profile to begin what she now considers a successful weight-loss journey.

Profile took Becky’s medical conditions into consideration and created an individualized plan, including support, that Becky needed. After a year on this plan and a loss of 83 pounds, her weight loss stalled: “We had a conversation about my health, and found that as I was no longer having gallbladder attacks, I was healthy enough to transition into another plan where I could lose more weight more efficiently.”  Since the January 2022 transition, Becky has lost another 35 lbs. resulting in a total of 118 lbs. lost since January 2021! Her next goal is another 56 lbs.; she’s not slowing down!


Becky’s Health NOW

With the loss of 118 lbs., Becky’s health has made a remarkable transition. First, her hypertension has lessened and her blood pressure medication has been cut in half. Her cholesterol is lower, and she no longer has gallbladder attacks:

“Through Profile, eating healthier and losing weight, I don’t have gallbladder attacks anymore. I just feel so much happier overall; I just feel great!”


1-1 Coaching: Becky’s Key to Success

Becky always said the lack of support was why the other programs failed:

“The biggest, most successful part of Profile is your coach.”

The beginning of her weight-loss journey was a very emotional time for Becky, and her honesty with her coach was difficult at first: “I had to be honest with her and myself about where I was in my health and how bad I felt. I never really openly admitted this to somebody else.” Becky goes in each week and talks about any challenges, frustrations, or emotions that came up the previous week, and they talk through them leaving Becky feeling empowered:

“My coach makes me feel positive; she turns any situation around, and I leave with a clean slate and something new to work on the next week. I am empowered to take on another week, keeping me going. It makes me happy!”


Becky: On and Off the Scale

Though on-the-scale success is an important part of a weight-loss journey, Profile celebrates non-scale victories as well. Becky celebrates a weight loss of 118 lbs., while also celebrating that she recently went kayaking for the first time; she’s also back on her bike and running 5K’s.

She said,

“I feel overall so much happier–I feel just happy with myself, so successful and energetic!”

According to Becky,

“The beauty of Profile is that they help celebrate these and every little milestone along the way. That’s what’s been so helpful about this program.”

Becky’s numbers have changed as well. She began Profile in January 2021 weighing 375 lbs. and wore a size 28 saying, “and those were tight”. Today, she is down 118 lbs. and wears a comfortable size 18. She’s lost a total of 77 inches. Becky’s doctor is so excited about her success and tells her, “You’re smaller every time I see you!”



Why Does Profile Work for Becky?

Profile offers an individualized program for Becky; she also receives the support she needs from her coach, but what about Profile’s food:

“The shakes are great! I love the protein shakes; I think they’re filling. The flavors are good, and you can get creative by making the shakes into puddings.”

One of her favorites in the evening is the hot mocha latte. This is her choice for relaxing before bed as it holds no caffeine.


Becky is an avid camper and loves her weekends. She considers breakfast a wonderful family time, so she uses the shake mixes to make pancakes on the weekends and when camping. Profile also has a packaged pancake mix that she uses. One other Profile favorite is the chili. She adds more vegetables and serves this with a side of healthy chips:

“Overall, Profile’s food is very good!”


Becky’s Words of Wisdom

Profile provides an individualized plan and the support needed to lose weight. Becky says that Profile helps you through behavioral issues so you can come out on the other end healthier, making good decisions and understanding the reasons for your weight gain. The first few weeks may be a little tough, but you’ll get to a point where it all feels normal:

“I’ve appreciated Profile so much that I want to keep going until I hit my final goal–another 56 lbs.!”




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