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From Profile Coach to Profile's Director of Nutrition

We sat down with Alyssa Burnison, Profile's Director of Nutrition, and got her perspective on what it's been like working as Dietitian at Profile. Alyssa has been with Profile since the start of the company in 2012. She has truly done it all - coaching, training, product development, creating recipes, and sharing health tips with coaches and members.

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What is Your Background?

Alyssa started her pathway at SDSU for physical therapy/biology and sought a minor degree in nutrition. After taking her first nutrition class, she became more interested in the human body and how nutrition works. She switched her majors to dietetics and exercise science. To become a registered dietitian, Alyssa needed to complete a 1200-hour internship which she completed with USD. While wrapping up her internship, she decided to get her master’s degree at SDSU. During her internship, Alyssa’s favorite project was working with kids ages 8-12 teaching them about nutrition, physical activity, and healthy habits.

“I appreciated seeing the impact I made on the kids as they learned cooking and healthy habits.”


When Did You Start with Profile?

Alyssa has been with Profile since the start (2012), she said: “I thought that this would be a great first job experience.” While finishing her master’s degree, Profile had just started and there was an opportunity open for a dietitian coach. She was eager to dive in and help people through 1-on-1 health coaching.

“I love to see people’s potential at Profile and help them make healthy habits.”


Why Do You Love Being a Profile Dietitian?

Through building out nutrition and meal plans, she has been able to help members feel better.

“I get to be involved in many different aspects of Profile.”

Alyssa has created nutrition and meal plans for members and new Profile foods.

“I love providing high-quality products with all of the great vitamins and minerals.”


How Many Lives Have You Impacted?

“I have helped SO many members in some aspect.”

She started as a coach in 2012, and after a few years, she began working in coach development and training, and product development. Now, she is Profile’s Director of Nutrition. She has also created many recipes and provides information for blogs and PR.


What Has Been Your Greatest Experience While Working at Profile?

Helping others has always been the most important thing to her.

“The mission of the company is to change lives one relationship at a time. 1-on-1 coaching is the most unique thing about Profile.”

She believes that Profile is the premier choice of healthy living and loves all the tools and products that the company provides.

“Health doesn’t always equal a smaller body. Health is all-encompassing. What you eat, how you enjoy food, how you move and take care of your body. People are so much more than the number on the scale.”

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