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Adam’s Story: Solving the Riddle for Sustainable Weight Loss

Adam Tice is a motivator by nature, so it makes sense that after losing 110 pounds and finding a new lease on life, the Nebraska father of three would want to encourage others to kick-start their health journey as well. Adam had tried several diets to lose weight before he started his Profile journey.

“This is the fourth time I’ve lost more than 100 pounds,” Adam said. “But before I was literally working my butt off in the gym and living a lifestyle I couldn’t sustain. This is so easy if you can get past sabotaging yourself with old habits.”

Taking the leap towards health

Adam started his Profile journey at 330 pounds. His sister-in-law is a pharmaceutical representative and spends lots of time in doctors’ offices – which is where she heard good things about Profile. It took a year of persuasion before Adam took the leap, but not before he tried a weight loss pill that promised quick results. “It was amazing … for a couple weeks.” Adam said he got on to an airplane to travel for work and had a near-anxiety attack during landing. He had never felt comfortable taking medication and the weight loss drug concerned him, particularly the way it seemed to alter his thoughts.

Finally, he was ready to try Profile. He wasn’t expecting much. “I didn’t believe I would be successful at all.” But Adam went on to lose 110 pounds. It shocked his doctor, friends, and family. Adam hit his first goal within three months, his second goal four months later, and within a year, he was down to 220 pounds. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would weigh that again.”


Sharing his love of Profile with all

He’s not going back. “It’s a lifestyle now and it’s not about what I can’t have,” he said. “I focus on what I can have.” Adam has connected with the CEO of Profile to thank him and share his experience. As a sales manager for big data software companies, Adam has focused on ways the company can do even more great things for its members. He was invited to speak at one of Profile’s annual conferences. He’s happy to share. “They’re saving and changing lives,” he said.

Adam is firm in his beliefs about the strength of the Profile program – one of the reasons he has garnered a bit of a following on Profile social media sites where he posts encouraging notes, advice, and videos on things like how to stay on track when traveling. “I travel three out of four weeks for work so I’m at the airport and drive-thru all the time,” he said. “You can do it.”

Living a notable healthy life

His life is just one that has been significantly changed for the better, and one of the most notable ways is the way he fathers his children. “We go to theme parks and I can ride with my kids. I could run alongside my kids as I taught them to ride a bike.” Adam, who completed an Ironman race and triathlon, plans to return to competitive racing some day.

The program has touched every area of his life and he wants the same for others. “I hate when people say it’s expensive. It’s about the shift in your life. It’s like the National Treasure or DaVinci Code. I solved the riddle for my weight. I unlocked it and I’m doing it.”

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