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Protein-packed Tofu Bacon

Protein packed Tofu Bacon

Tofu Bacon

Say hello to your new favorite go-to healthy snack! Making tofu bacon is as easy as pressing, mixing, and sticking in the oven. Prep ahead for your whole week and enjoy this crispy, protein-packed meat alternative!
Tofu Bacon
  • 14 oz package of Extra Firm Tofu
  • Soy Sauce
  • Zero calorie maple zero
  • Smoked paprika or liquid smoke
  • Drain tofu block and wrap in towel
  • Place a heavy object on top to press out excess liquid
  • Whisk together remaining ingredients in bowl
  • Slice tofu into thin strips
  • Take each tofu slice and dip it fully into the marinade
  • Place strips on nonstick pan or spray with oil
  • Broil until crispy 
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