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Meet Our Virtual Coaches

The Same Great Experience, But at Your Convenience!

From Registered Dietitians to gym owners and certified personal trainers, we have a variety of Profile Coaches to coach you to success, fit your personality, and support you each step of the way! Get to know our Profile Anywhere coaches below!

Coach Tresa

coach Tresa-2

Hometown: Bay City , MI

Current Location: Canton, MI

Educational Background: Graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a major in Marketing.

Hobbies: "I am a workout junkie :) I used to always be in training for the next race, but after doing a Full Iron Man in 2016, I am semi- retired from training. You never know when the next race is, I might say yes too. Last few years, I have been committed to weight training and riding all over the world at home on my bike. I have two college students, that I am currently enjoying summer with."

Favorite Quote: "Believe & Succeed"

Why You Love Profile: "I love to help change a person's life whether it is a member or a teammate."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I personally love to see members have the confidence to challenge themselves to do things they never thought they would do. My favorite is when a member tells me I will never work out and now they are a workout junkie :)"

Favorite Profile Foods: Vanilla Wafer bars and a combination of  Banana and Salted Carmel shakes.


Coach Amy

Coach Amy

Hometown: Fairhope, AL

Current Location: Peachtree City, GA

Educational Background: Graduated from Auburn University with a major in Nutrition & Wellness and a minor in Social Work.

Hobbies: "Hiking, hanging with my pup, watching Auburn football, hunting, painting, puzzles, and renovating our new house."

Favorite Quote: "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul" - John Muir.

Why You Love Profile: "The focus on providing real, sustainable change to help people achieve their health and wellness goals."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Connecting with people from across the country and getting to build relationships week to week."

Favorite Profile Foods: "Pina Colada shake with Berry Veggies+ is my favorite combo. The Chicken and Broccoli pasta from the "Dude" cookbook is a favorite recipe in our house!"


Coach Ashley

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9-01-42 AM

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan

Current Location: Ferndale, Michigan

Educational Background: Oakland University – Bachelors of Science.

Hobbies: "Camping, hiking, traveling, baking, and going on walks with my dog."

Favorite Quote: "To be good is not enough when you dream of being great."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Changing lives and sharing recipes."

Favorite Profile Food: Profile Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.


Coach Brooke

Coach Brooke-1

Hometown: Hartland, MI

Current Location: Brighton, MI

Educational Background: Exercise Science major.

Hobbies: "Golfing, hiking, walking w/ Savannah, reading."

Favorite Quote: “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.”

Why I Love Profile: "I get to help other people live happier, healthier lives! And continue learning & improving on things I'm passionate about: nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits 🙂"

What I Love About Coaching: "Connecting with other people and supporting/encouraging them with making lifestyle changes that they can benefit from the rest of their lives!"

Favorite Profile Food: "Vanilla Cake Batter frothed in my coffee."


Coach Claudia

Coach Claudia-1

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Current Location: Astoria, New York

Educational Background: Baruch College & Cornell University - International Marketing.

Hobbies: Salsa Dancing, Reading, Cooking & Biking.

Fun Fact: "I love to travel."

Why You Love Profile: "It works!"

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Helping others transform to a healthier version of themselves."

Favorite Profile Foods: Chocolate PB plant-based bars & Mint Brownie Bars.


Coach Erin

coach erin-1

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Current Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Educational Background: Graduated from Kent State University with a major in Global Public Health and minor in Italian. Graduated from Ohio State University with a Master of Public Health & Health Behavior/Health Promotion.

Hobbies: Hiking, Swimming, Cooking, Gardening.

Fun Fact: "I love traveling and have been to over 15 countries! Have a dog named Winnie and a cat named Willow"

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Getting to help people reach their goals and be healthier."

Favorite Profile Food: P3 Protein balls.


Coach Gabby

coach gabby-1

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Current Location: Charlotte, NC

Educational Background: Bachelors in Health & Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition.

Hobbies: "CrossFit! I have my CrossFit coaching certification as well. 🙂 I also love hiking and anything outdoors!"

Fun Fact: "I have competed in CrossFit nationally and train for competing in my free time!"

Why You Love Profile: "I love the simplicity of the plan and how it can work for anyone."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I love changing lives and helping others crush their goals!"

Favorite Profile Food: "I love putting the salted caramel shake in my iced coffee and making the cheesecake dessert with fat free whipped cream (sometimes sugar free chocolate chips too)."


Coach Jen

coach jen-1

"My name is Jen Hofmann and I have been working as a Profile Coach since May of 2021. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and then moved up to Massachusetts for college where I studied Public Health at UMass Amherst. After graduation, I got my Master's in Health and Wellness Management at Merrimack College where I then began working part time for Profile at one of the Boston locations. Since transitioning to a virtual space, I have enjoyed connecting with members all over the country and supporting them on their weight loss journey. Some of my favorite activities include going to the beach and when I'm visiting home, I enjoy sunset sails on my family's sailboat. I also am a competitive powerlifter and am hoping to one day qualify for a national meet."


Coach Katherine

coach katherine-1

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Current Location: Champaign, IL

Educational Background: "I played volleyball and went to school at Minnesota State University - Moorhead. I have a degree in Health & Medical Sciences with a minor in Strength & Conditioning."

Hobbies: "I love to exercise, travel, and watch Netflix with my boyfriend!"

Favorite Quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Why You Love Profile: "I have worked for Profile for 4.5 years now. I love that Profile provides guidance through not only weight loss but through maintenance too. It's all about building a lifestyle along with seeing awesome scale progress."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I LOVE helping members find their happiest, healthiest lifestyle. I've really enjoyed helping members hit goals both on and off the scale!"

Favorite Profile Foods: "Chocolate Brownie shake with Profile P3 blended with ice!"


Coach Katie

Coach Katie

Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Current Location: Ypsilanti, MI

Educational Background: Michigan State University; Bachelor's in Neuroscience.

Hobbies: "Running, exploring new nature trails/hiking, baking, snowboarding, visiting new coffee shops with friends, learning about health and wellness - books, podcasts, etc.!"

Favorite Quote: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."— Will Durant.

Why You Love Profile: "I really like that Profile focuses on habit and behavior change to set members up for success with maintaining their results long term."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I love getting to know people, hearing their stories, and empowering them to reach their goals. I am inspired daily by the members I get to work with and am always learning from them too!"

Favorite Profile Food: Pretzel Peanut Bar.


Coach Melissa

Coach Melissa

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Current Location: Louisville, KY

Educational Background: BS in Sociology, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Hobbies: "Writing and calligraphy, exploring the outdoors (camping, climbing, kayaking, hiking, really anything outdoors), creating and making things, daydreaming and contemplating."

Fun Fact: "Kentucky has more bourbon barrels than people and has the last manufacturer of disco balls. Groove on!"

Why You Love Profile: "I love the members and the team atmosphere. It is very refreshing and inspiring to work with those who support each other and the members to be the best version of themselves."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Listening and learning from my members and going deeper with the areas of our lives (highlighted in modules) that play a role in our wellness journey."

Favorite Profile Foods: "Ah, I really like to pizza crust and marinara sauce. Adding vegetables or a bit of meat protein makes it a very filling meal choice."


Coach Olivia


Hometown: Brunswick, OH

Current Location: Between Brunswick, OH & Cleveland, OH

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Health Services Administration & a minor in Biological Sciences from Kent State University, Kent, OH.

Hobbies: "I love cooking, hiking, and watching popular TV shows all year round! Changes with each season of the year - this summer and fall I'm looking forward to biking, tennis, kayaking, and trying new fun things in my area! I love skiing when the winter rolls around, and hope to try out snowboarding again this year!"

Favorite Quote: "The only time I set the bar low is for limbo" - Michael Scott from The Office.

Why You Love Profile: "I love Profile's mission of changing lives one relationship at the time through 1:1 coaching and value of striving for wellness by empowering members to pursue, attain, and sustain a healthy lifestyle."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I love assisting members become the best versions of themselves and supporting them as they achieve their goals on and off the scale!"

Favorite Profile Foods: "Cookies & Cream Shake, Pina Colada Shake, Pretzel Peanut Bar, Mixed Nut Bar, Trail Mix Bar & Sweet Jalapeno Chips. Protein balls, muffins, and crepes made from the shakes, or also the Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits made from Creamy Chicken Soup!"


Coach Shea

Coach Shea-1

Hometown: North Reading, Massachusetts

Current Location: Newbury, Massachusetts

Educational Background: Bachelor's in Public Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Hobbies: Running road races, spending time at the beach, scrapbooking, traveling, attending live music shows.

Fun Fact: "I have run 6 half marathons and my fastest 5k time is 20:18."

Why You Love Profile: "I believe that the Ketogenic diet is the best way to lose weight because of it's health benefits."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "I absolutely love hearing members tell me how much I hold them accountable and give them motivation!"

Favorite Profile Foods: "I love the vanilla cake batter shake as well as the chocolate brownie!"


Coach Adrienne


Hometown: Yuma, AZ

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ

Educational Background: Graduated from the University of Arizona in 2020 with B.S. in Nutritional Sciences. 

Hobbies: "I really enjoy being active and moving in a variety of ways like yoga, walking my dog, cycling, weight-lifting, etc.  I also enjoy cooking and baking and being creative and having fun in the kitchen."

Why You Love Profile: "I love Profile because it's given me an opportunity to support people one on one with making lifestyle changes that help them take control of their health and wellness."  

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Seeing the entire journey unfold and being there to celebrate all the milestones with them along the way.  Watching people's confidence grow week to week is amazing"

What are your favorite Profile foods? Pretzel peanut bar and fudge graham bar!


Coach Jennifer

jennifer douglas-1

Hometown: Atkinson, IL

Current Location: Atkinson, IL

Educational Background: BS in Health and Wellness Coaching from Arizona State University + RYT500 Yoga Alliance.

Hobbies: "In my free time I like to do yoga. I teach and take classes.  I really like to garden and have even started canning!"

Why You Love Profile: "Profile gives me an opportunity to change lives.  We are always innovating, coming out with new aspects to our program."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Working with people to improve their health and happiness is my favorite aspect of Profile Coaching." 

Favorite Profile Food: Vegetarian Chili.


Coach Paula


Hometown: Chase, KS

Current Location: Kansas City, MO

Educational Background: Business Degree + Certified Personal Trainer. 

Hobbies: "I love outdoor activities! We have a boat, so I like to do nothing on the boat. 🙂"

Why You Love Profile: "I love Profile because that is how I lost that stubborn weight I couldn't get off. I started the plan the same time I started working at Profile in the Fall of 2021."

What You Love Most About Profile: "I love meeting all the different members and hearing their stories about their Journey. Hoping to change some lives here!"

Favorite Profile Foods: "I like to put the shakes in my coffee in the mornings, whether it is a hot or cold drink."


Coach Bo

coach bo

HometownMobile, Alabama

Current Location: Daphne, Alabama

Educational Background: Graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Human Services.

Hobbieskayaking, kickboxing, cycling; anything active and outdoors.

Why You Love Profile: "It is a science backed plan that works. With the plan and coaching people can truly change their lives."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Meeting people where they are at the start of their journey and watching them get stronger and healthier in every area of their lives."

Favorite Profile Food: "Mocha Latte shake, Trail Mix bar, Creamy Chicken Soup mix (added to cauliflower rice...really good)."


Coach Sabrina


Hometown: Maintal, Germany

Current Location: DFW, Texas

Educational Background: Masters in Lifestyle Health Sciences & Coaching from University of North Texas Health Science Center + National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Hobbies: Reading, watching Korean drama, eating, hiking.

Why You Love Profile: "The opportunity to live out my purpose of helping people by providing useful knowledge, ideas and encouragement."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Helping people live their best life."

Favorite Profile Foods: Chocolate Fudge Mug Cake, Mocha Latte Pudding, Chili, Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Jalapeño Chips.


Coach Kelsey

coach kelsey

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Current Location: Yukon, OK

Educational Background: Bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University in Health Education & Promotion with an option in Exercise Science.

Hobbies: "I love spending time with my husband, Connor and my 2-year-old daughter, Olivia. I also enjoy spending time with friends, traveling and playing tennis when I get a chance. I'm a big sports enthusiast, but particularly like watching football and basketball."

Why You Love Profile: "I love profile because it's not a diet. When I first started coaching, I decided to make the lifestyle change myself and know that it works and is something that is sustainable forever."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Coaching allows me to help other people achieve their goals and build lasting connections! It takes a lot to have someone open-up to me when they are feeling the most vulnerable and the connections that I have built allow me to not only help each one of my members but learn from them and apply their views to my own life."

Favorite Profile Foods: "I'm obsessed with the Chocolate Brownie Shake with P3 in it, but also have a morning routine to have an H2Energy to get my day started."


Coach Cindy

Cindy Rolsch 2

Hometown:Davenport, IA

Current Location: Davenport, IA

Educational Background: Graduated from St Ambrose University, Davenport IA with a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Hobbies: "I love anything outdoors...even a little ice fishing in the winter! I do love all the seasons in the Midwest. My other hobbies include biking, walking, working out, gardening and cooking."

Why You Love Profile: ”I love Profile because it provides an individual and personal approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle. It's an opportunity to meet amazing people. As a coach, I'm impressed with the friendly and helpful support provided at all levels within Profile.” 

What You Love Most About Coaching"I've always focused on nutrition and overall wellbeing. So, helping others to find the best version of themselves is important to me. Giving members the support and tools needed to meet, or exceed, their healthy lifestyle goals is my mission!”

Favorite Profile Foods: "Because I enjoy cooking and I love Thai food, the Asian dressing and PB3 powder are a few of my favorites. I like to mix the two for a nice dressing or sauce. I also love the mint brownie bars!"


Coach Kristi

Kristi Martin

HometownMobile, AL 

Current Location: Mobile, AL

Educational BackgroundSouth Alabama with a masters in Special Ed.

Hobbies: Reading and shopping.

Why You Love Profile: "It works! I was a member before I became a coach and lost 50 pounds."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Meeting new people, helping them on their weight loss journey, and letting them know I have done the program and understand exactly what they are going through." 

Favorite Profile Foods: Pina Colada shake, Caramel Pecan bars, wafer bars, Caramel cocoa bars, S'mores (pretty much all the chocolate bars).


Coach Ashley

coach ashley

Hometown: Gahanna, OH

Current Location: Daphne, AL

Educational Background: A.S. in Dietetics and have been a practicing NDTR since 2011 + B.S. in Health & Wellness from Kaplan University. Became a Certified Health and Well-Being coach through Wellcoaches in 2022 and plan to sit for National Board Exam in the Spring to earn NBC-HWC credential. 

Hobbies: "I love to travel and be outdoors with my family. When we are home, we are working on various home renovation projects."

Why You Love Profile: "I love Profile because of the individualized focus it provides to our members. Lifestyle improvement is hard enough. Having a great coach is the game changer."

What You Love Most About Coaching: "Being able to see my members succeed and watching their confidence grow. Not only with their nutrition choices but all other areas of their lives as well."

Favorite Profile Foods: Tart & Tangy Mixed Fruit fiber drink & the Chocolate Mint Chip Shake.


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