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Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time


Profile Vice President Nate Malloy talks about the company’s new mission, and what to expect from Profile in 2017

Big things are happening at Profile, and 2017 will be no exception. We are officially announcing our Profile Promise. We will be offering a new service – Profile Perform – designed for all our members who want to live highly active lifestyles. We will surpass another important milestone on our way to 50 physical locations.

We want our members to be involved in all of Profile’s important changes. Because our members are willing to provide feedback, we will always prioritize changes that they expect and deserve.

At the same time, we’re going to remain committed to the basics of the Profile Way.

Profile will always make lifestyle change simple, effective and sustainable. We will always provide nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching. Our nutrition plans will always include nutritious and delicious foods. And, because we’re backed by Sanford Health, you can always trust that physicians and researchers continually look for ways to take the guesswork out of healthy living.

We will evolve to help members in new ways, but our purpose will never change. We’re aiming to be the premier choice for healthy living. To achieve our goal, Profile will remain focused on Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time.

Introducing the Profile Promise

Profile has grown so quickly because we invest in continually improving our Profile Personal Coaching service. We only hire highly qualified coaches, and Profile Coach Certification provides up-front and ongoing learning needed to keep our coaches focused on helping members achieve goals. Because our coaching services make Profile unique, we are announcing the Profile Promise.

You can read the science behind our Profile Promise in this article by Stephen Herrmann, our chief healthy living expert. To me, the Profile Promise is simple: Follow your personalized plan and you will lose at least 15% of your body weight.

Weight loss is often the first goal our members set. Because we’ve helped so many people achieve their goals, Profile now has the opportunity to help our members accomplish even more.

Profile Perform is Coming Soon

Profile helps our members understand the importance of physical activity, but we also help them figure out the best approach to exercise. For some, the safest approach is lose weight first and ramp up exercise later. With Profile Perform, we’ll have a way for people to set an entirely new set of personal goals.

Profile Perform includes a special nutrition plan built for people who are more active. A pre-workout drink and post-workout shake helps fuel your body. The Perform plan won’t be for every member, but we’re excited about helping members who are motivated by physical activity. Stay tuned for more about Profile Perform.

Profile Franchising is Poised for Growth

While our coaches take care of our current members, Profile is focused on inspiring others to join our team. We’re hanging a now hiring sign on our door to recruit the next generation of leaders who will help Profile reach 1 Million Lives Changed.

Our company will continue to look for new markets, but we’re on the hunt for like-minded individuals who love changing lives. We recently found a partner in Canada who shares in our vision, and we’ll be heading north of the border with 10 stores. Look for the first one to open in 2018.


If you are passionate about franchising and want to change lives, get in touch with us here.

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