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Nate Malloy: “I’m Thankful For What Profile Is Building”


Profile’s Vice President Nate Malloy joined Profile Nation to discuss what Profile is thankful for as this year winds down.

Fresh off a fast-paced first quarter, Profile is heading into its biggest holiday season ever. Since we last talked with Profile Vice President Nate Malloy in July, the company celebrated its 5th birthday by rolling out an aggressive growth strategy.

As the company moves quickly on its path to open more than 20 new stores this year, the Profile Nation blog caught up with Malloy to ask him the most cliché Thanksgiving question ever.

Profile Nation: It’s cheesy, but we’re going to do it anyway. What are you thankful for, Nate Malloy?

Malloy:Part of enjoying life is making the time and taking the time to be grateful. So, I don’t think that’s a cheesy question. The answer could get long, but the short version is that I am thankful for what Profile is building. Our employees, our members, our franchisees, our business partners… we’re all uniting around our big goal of changing one million lives.

Profile Nation: You’ve been talking about that one million member goal more and more lately. When do you expect to get there?

Malloy:As fast as we possibly can. We’re not like other companies. What we do every day truly makes a big difference in people’s lives. Every time we meet as a team we celebrate member success, and we do that to remind ourselves of what’s possible. The sky really is the limit for this organization and this brand. We have a game plan, and we will execute it with passion and focus. At our convention in September, we set our sights on the 100,000 lives changed milestone. That’s our next step. That’s where our focus is right now.

Profile Nation: A lot of companies say they want to make a difference in people’s lives. How is Profile’s opportunity truly any different?

Malloy:It starts with our ability to offer a personal coaching service that helps members separate fact from fiction. That happens when our team at headquarters pushes to find new ways to help our members reach their goals. That happens in the coach room, through the thousands of one-on-one conversations that take place each day. There are a lot of ways Profile is different, but we always come back to our commitment helping Profile members feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Profile Nation: There has been another wave of franchise announcements lately. What’s that mean for Profile?

Malloy: The franchise opportunity is another way that Profile is different. We’re finding franchisees who are truly passionate about Profile. That shows up in the culture they create inside their stores and in their commitment to investing in multiple locations. When their members are successful, they can provide a better life for their families – that connection is real, and it fuels our growth. We have commitments that will push us past the 100-store mark, and we’re going to keep the announcements coming.

Profile Nation: You mentioned the convention in September. What was your takeaway from that event?

Malloy: There were a lot of highlights, but for me the best part was recognizing our stores and employees. Our future is only as bright as the people we hire, develop and empower. We lifted-up our top performers and we celebrated as store teams and as an entire company. It was a first for Profile and it was pretty special.

I feel that it was important we chose to hold it in Sioux Falls at Sanford Health’s world headquarters. The vision that created Profile is the same vision that is driving innovation across the healthcare industry. We wanted our store leaders to feel more connected to Sanford Health and all the work being done to improve the human condition. Hopefully it helped give them a new perspective on their work and why it’s so special to be a part of the Profile team.

The entire 100,000 Lives Changed Event was great. We put a lot of energy into the event and Profile had a lot of energy coming out of it. Keeping that energy level up is our challenge now, particularly as we head into the next three months.

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