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Kevin’s Natural Foods Founder Took Back His Health with Clean Diet

Man in a kitchen with Kevin's Natural Foods products

How much easier would it be to eat a clean and healthy diet if your food options were delicious? What if they were affordable and quick to prepare as well? This is a question that pretty much anyone who has tried to clean up their diet has asked themselves before. Still, the conclusion that most come to is that cooking an enjoyable, healthy meal often requires more time. Along with more money than the average person has to spare.

Kevin McCray—founder of Kevin’s Natural Foods—came against these same obstacles when cleaning up his diet in his 20s. His purpose was to use a healthy regimen to combat an autoimmune disorder. that sapped him of his energy and completely threw his life off balance. However, he concluded that healthy eating was incompatible with his busy schedule and tight budget. Instead of giving up, McCray considered his dilemma as an opportunity to fill the needs of underserved health-conscious consumers. He then used the unique perspective he acquired from his personal health struggles to create Kevin’s Natural Foods.

The power of a clean diet and nutrition planning

Kevin’s wellness issues began while he was at San Diego State University studying business. After a lifetime of relatively good health, McCray was stricken with an autoimmune disorder that shook his world to the core. He was bedridden in the hospital for weeks before he was well enough to return to his regular life. It wasn’t long until he found himself back in the hospital once more suffering from the very same disorder.

This painful pattern continued for years, and it likely would have lasted the rest of Kevin’s life. Fortunately, he found an essay extolling the virtues of the Paleo diet. The essay explained the diet's ability to combat autoimmune disorders, such as the one he was suffering from. The report inspired him to design a regime full of whole foods and free of refined sugar. The results were miraculous.

Kevin quickly found himself feeling healthier, stronger, more energetic, and more inspired than he was before his struggles even began. He was no longer reliant on pharmaceutical drugs, nor did he find himself needing hospitalization every few months. This incredible turnaround motivated him to become an advocate for clean eating and an innovator in the field.

The mother of invention

For many, the solution to eating healthy on a busy schedule and tight budget is choosing more accessible, cheaper foods. These options often are not so good for you. For Kevin McCray, that was not an option. To move away from a clean diet and nutritional planning would mean returning to a substandard lifestyle. That of which going to the hospital on a regular basis and relying on conventional medicines was necessary. If he didn’t get creative, Kevin would wind up eating the same old foods the same old way for the rest of his life.

This problem motivated Kevin to find ways to develop and expand his diet menu. After searching fruitlessly for store-available options, he created Kevin’s Natural Foods. With KNF’s plan, everyone struggling with the limitations of ketogenic, gluten-free, and Paleo diets on food options would have a more straightforward and affordable means of eating healthy at home. Delicious, nutritious meals free of artificial ingredients, antibiotics, hormones, grains, soy, or dairy, that you can make in only five minutes—that’s what you get with Kevin’s Natural Foods, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either.

Kevin’s Natural Foods has since grown into a reputable brand that is an essential part of their customer’s clean-eating lifestyle. A moment of inspiration born out of years of bland meals became a whole line of incredible products available. Products that are now in some of the biggest retailers on the planet. If the wide variety of delicious, nutritious options doesn’t inspire you to give KNF a try, Kevin’s incredible story should.

Clean foods and weight loss

A clean diet and nutrition planning aren’t only beneficial to those with autoimmune disorders or food allergies. The connection between clean foods and weight loss is a strong one. Anyone looking to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes can benefit from the Kevin’s Natural Foods diet. Clean eating can also improve your mental health and well-being, boost your mood, and improve your overall outlook on life.

The transition to healthy eating is not always easy, though. Some may find it helpful to work with a professional health coach, like the ones at Profile by Sanford. Coaches who can help educate them on nutritional information and clean-eating facts. Dedicated health coaches can also offer aspiring clean eaters the motivation and support they need to begin their journey toward shedding pounds and improving their health and well-being. Seeking expert help may be the difference between a lifestyle change that lasts one week and one that lasts a lifetime.