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How Profile Compares to Other Weight Loss Plans

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight on your own you know how hard it can be. You look at others and sometimes wonder - how did they do it? When you don’t have the right tools or support system it can feel like an uphill battle to reach your weight loss goals.

Chances are you’ve been researching how to lose weight online and you  know there are a lot of options. There is no shortage of free apps for tracking progress, complicated meal plans and gimmicky claims of success.

Navigating through dozens of different weight loss plan options can be  frustrating and daunting. Analysis paralysis can quickly set in from the sheer amount of information to take in, leaving you stuck.

Check out our comparison chart below to see how Profile stacks up to other weight loss programs. There are 5 key questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.



Weight Watchers Noom Nutrisystem Jenny Craig
Is it affordable? Simple pricing. Start Profile now for $49 for 2 weeks. $21.95 monthly fee + $20 Starter Fee $59/month $250-350/month $780/month
Is health coaching included? Yes, there are in-person and virtual options for 1:1 coaching. Yes, there is in-person group and 1:1 coaching. Virtual coaching is offered for $51 per month. Yes, you are allowed a single 1:1 coaching session per week via online chat. Additional sessions are available at a $59 charge. No Yes. Unlimited 1:1 coaching via text messaging.
Is there a variety of enjoyable foods on the plan? A wide variety of fresh meals, frozen foods, low-carb swaps, meal replacements, protein shakes and protein bars are available. Yes, some food is available. Food is not offered. You’re on your own. Yes, frozen foods are available. (*and some snacks/bars, etc.) Yes, but expensive at over $25/day.

What tracking tools are included?

Yes, as a part of your Profile membership you receive a smart scale, a 3D body scan, access to educational modules as well as a food, water and activity tracker via the Journey App. Yes, there is a WW points tracker that allows you to follow their points-based tracking as well as a barcode scanner for grocery shopping. No, this program is educational based and does not offer any sort of food, water or activity tracking. Yes, the NUMI app allows you to track your food intake and activity as well as weight loss progress. Yes, Jenny Craig has a free app that offers basic food and water tracking.
What is the support like? Your coach becomes your ultimate partner in your health journey. You will also find lots of support in the Journey App and private member group. We offer you both in-person and virtual 1:1 coaching to meet you where you are at. Meet with the same coach regularly or try several, you're in control. You are routed to the first available coach. Probably a bot. This is via online chat only. Support “agents” available via online chat. The agents are not considered coaches, but can answer basic questions about the program. Nutrisystem recommends emailing or consulting the FAQs on the website. There is no 1:1 health coaching offered at all. Jenny Craig does offer 1:1 coaching support via the app or in-person for an additional fee. You will be given a meal plan but must

order pre-packaged foods from Jenny Craig. 

How do customers rate the program? Facebook: 5 of 5 stars Facebook: 2.2 of 5 stars Blocks reviews on Facebook Blocks reviews on Facebook Facebook: 3.7 of 5 stars

Profile at a Glance

Not Just Another Diet

Our members preach that “Profile isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change”. At Profile we work one-on-one with you to make sure that you are set up from long-term success. Our health coaches work with you weekly every step of the way to make sure you are making progress, reaching your goals and getting the support and customization you need to be successful.  Profile members, on average, lose 3x more weight loss working with a health coach than on their own.*

A Trusted Weight Loss Plan

Profile is a weight loss and nutrition program that was developed in 2011 by top medical experts at Sanford Health, one of the world's largest healthcare providers. 

Profile was designed  to make weight loss simple and sustainable by pairing a science-backed approach to weight loss with one-on-one health coaching. Your personal coach will work with you to find a tailored solution for you within our 220+ custom weight loss plans.

The first Profile location was opened in 2012. Since then, we have helped over 185,000+ members successfully lose 2.5+ million pounds.

The Profile Promise

We promise you will lose 15 of your body weight, or more, in the first year, guaranteed! Subject to our terms and conditions* Join Profile members across all 50 states who are transforming their lives with this one-of-a-kind promise.

So now that you have the rundown on the various weight loss programs, systems and apps if you think that Profile may be the right choice for your lifestyle and goals let's get you started. The initial consultation is free. During that session we will discuss your goals, begin to lay out a strategy for you and kick off your journey to a healthier and happier YOU! 


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