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17 Weight Loss Transformation Photos to Inspire You!

Losing weight is never easy. In fact, it can feel nearly impossible. You know this is true if you have tried one of the MANY weight loss diets out there and have had limited success, or have lost the weight only to gain it right back.

At Profile by Sanford we know that building a healthy lifestyle through one-on-one weight loss coaching and nutrition planning is the key to a more active, healthier and happier life. Fad diets and gimmicks just don’t cut it. Not in the short-term and not in the long-term.

Below are some of our amazing weight loss transformation photos. If you look at these and feel inspired by the results that Profile members have achieved, sign up for a free consultation to get matched with a personalized plan tailored exactly to your needs.

David S. :

“I believe in Profile and know first hand that it works and changes lives.”

– David 105 lbs lost


“I love Profile. It’s literally saving my life!”

– Elaine down 100 lbs in less than a year


“Thanks to the Omaha coaches for putting up with a slow loser who works as a nurse during Covid.”

– Vanessa lost 40 lbs so far


“…weighing numbers I haven’t weighed since high school.”

– Preston has lost 120 lbs


“…remind yourself WHY you are here and how the support of Profile (members, coaches, plans) can help you be your best self.”

– Rabia decreased body fat by 3% in 6 weeks


“Thank you Profile for a proven process and health coaching.”

– Lisa has lost 60 lbs so far


“It sure is nice to look in the mirror and not feel overwhelmed and defeated.”

– Amy is 25 lbs down


“It has definitely been a journey! Not always easy but so worth it..”

– Cassandra has lost 44 lbs


” I am off my blood pressure medication. I’m not using a CPAP anymore, which is HUGE. All my labs are really good. It feels great.”

– Julie has lost 47 lbs

David R. :

” 52 lbs lost and now maintaining.”

– David has lost 52 lbs

Tina :

” I haven’t been able to wear my capris in over two years.”

– Tina is down 26 lbs

Katelyn :

” Thank you, Profile!”

– Katelyn has lost 60 lbs

Robert :

” My beautiful wife and I have been going strong. She’s down 50 lbs, I’m down 30.”

– Robert is down 30 lbs

Amanda :

” November to March I have already lost 38.5 lbs.”

– Amanda has lost 38.5 lbs

Kristina :

“It works! Hang in there.”

– Kristina has lost 50 lbs


“I had done Weight Watchers, Noom, a macro coaching program, phentermine, a faith-based program and gone to a gym, but nothing stuck…that’s when I found Profile!”

– Lauren is down 48 lbs

If these weight loss transformation stories have inspired you then let’s get started!