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Real or Not Real: Taking Coaching Further

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In this installment of his Real or Not Real blog series, Profile’s Coach of Coaches, Chris Clark, gives you advice on how to take your coaching experience further to encourage a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

I once heard a saying that resonated with me: “Amateurs practice until they get it right; Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” When this is implemented in a weight loss journey, it can help you embrace the help you need so your healthy changes stick and become a part of your life.

Your health journey doesn’t end at your goal weight. When weight loss efforts don’t lead to permanent behavior changes, people tend to slowly gain back the weight they lost. Stopping once you reach your goal weight feels like someone who only practices until they get it right. What would it take for you to practice until you can’t get it wrong? The answer is closer than you think!

One of the big reasons Profile is different is health coaching. Coaching is key and studies have shown that you’ll lose three time more weight working with a coach than trying on your own. Our coaches have a lot to offer, yet I think they have the most to offer once you hit your goal weight because that is when coaching gets as individually-tailored as possible. This is where you truly get to try new things and live life in new ways, but practice is important when you start. I know you hit your goal, but don’t consider yourself done! You did a lot of work, and it wasn’t easy, but don’t stop because you got it right. Keep working so you can’t get it wrong.

Here are some ways to take coaching further so you can’t get it wrong:

  • Look to the future: Always be thinking about your next steps and share your thoughts with your coach. It’s great to be proactive and talk to your coach about three months to three years down the road.
  • Your coach is your guide: Look at your coach as someone who can help you achieve any goal. Maybe your relationship started out trying to follow a healthy meal plan; transfer the skills you used when you started this journey to other goals as well.
  • Coaches help manage change: When your body has changed, lean on your coach for reassurance. Once you hit your goal, it will take your body some time to adapt to its new size. Stick with your coach to help reassure you that the things you are practicing continue to be right for you.
  • Plan proactively: Tell yourself that reaching your goal is only the beginning. Staying at your goal weight means you intend to continually meet with your coach well after getting it right.

All in all, look at your coach as the tool you need to live healthy into the future. Your coach can help you achieve goals and there’s a lot more to you than a number on a scale. We have many goals; they change and sprout up all the time. Look to take your coaching experience at Profile further. When you do, you can be assured that you’ll have the support necessary to keep the weight off for good!

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