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Real or Not Real: Actuality and Activity

In the fifth installment of his Real or Not Real blog series, Profile’s Coach of Coaches, Chris Clark, keeps it real about activity and how it plays into your journey.

It seems as though a lot of time and money is spent trying to figure out ways to lose weight without hard exercise. Is this possible? You bet it is – and Profile can help you make it happen. In this installment of Real or Not Real, let’s examine the fact that you don’t need high amounts of activity to lose weight and let’s get real about the fact that you do need to become more active if you want to maintain those losses long-term.

How active do you actually need to be? What if I told you that to maintain your weight loss it would require, on average, 1 hour per day of exercise or activity? In fact, at a typical calorie level for your age, your body needs you to be more active than you were before you first met your Profile coach.

If that thought surprises you, it shouldn’t. Sure, when we lose weight it seems reasonable to expect or believe that we don’t need hard exercise. In actuality, only a small percentage of people can maintain their weight without much activity. Our body is a machine and it can only react to what we do to it. If we give it too many calories it only has a few options of what it can do with them. It was made to be active, and when we are inactive and continue to provide it with too much energy it has only one way to react: the energy is stored for later and the weight you lost slowly comes back.

At Profile, we realize that your goals belong to you and their importance must be defined by you for it to be motivational. We are on a mission to help change lives one relationship at a time. Our hearts soar when we see our members achieving and maintaining their health. Our meal plans immediately do their part, but activity plays a role too. We want you to want to be more active, and in order for you to make a lasting change, you need to want to be more active as well. If you’ve struggled to keep the weight off before and are constantly chasing health, chase something else each day: chase your dog, a grandchild, a new personal best and let health come to you.

Enjoy some of the following comparisons, give them some thought, and talk them through with your supporters and coaches:

All too often, we set unrealistic activity goals because we’re told it’s what we are supposed to do. However, for activity to actually stick you need to figure out how to consistently work it into your week. That takes time, skill and know-how to do. Your coach can help, but in order for you to make a REAL change, it’s totally up to you.

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