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Profile Precise: Understanding Your Results and C-Score

Photo of Profile Precise DNA testing kit

Dr. Stephen Herrmann, Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert, is pummmmped that Profile members are getting the first wave of genetic results.

The past couple of months have been exciting for Profile Nation! We launched Profile Precise, the latest innovation from Profile by Sanford. The simple genetic test integrates the science of nutrigenetics into our nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching platform.

I was excited, and it turns out our members were excited too. In just a few weeks, nearly 4,000 members took the test. Now, we’re hitting the next major milestone: The results are in!

Get Your C-Score

Your Profile Precise C-Score interprets your genetics to explain how your body metabolizes, or burns, carbohydrates. Your score reflects the number of copies you have of the AMY1 gene. Using the results, we place you into one of three C-Score ranges.

C-Score Graphic

Receive Your Precision Coaching Plan

Once you and your coach know your C-Score, our coaches can build a tailor-made nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. Your nutrition plan is built with foods you enjoy and designed to fit within your specific nutritional ranges. When we build your plan, we’ll also use it as an opportunity to check in on your progress to date and check-in on activity and lifestyle goals.

Take Action, With Help from Your Coach

Our coaches recognize that simply knowing your nutritional targets just isn’t enough to be successful long-term. Sustainability depends on habits and behaviors to drive success. With your C-Score, we can provide a new level of personalization to guide all areas of your journey. For example, knowing your C-Score will give new insight into label reading, grocery shopping, cooking and, most importantly, strengthening strategies to manage the challenges life can throw your way.

The program and services we offer at Profile are designed to be simple, effective, and sustainable. Profile Precise fits that mold with the comprehensive coaching plans we build together to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

The Value to Members

As we get results in the hands of more of our members, we’ll help thousands of people view their personal goals in an entirely new way.