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Profile Holiday Hacks: Stay on Plan as You Travel with these 3 Tips

Holiday Travel Hacks

Planning to visit Grandma’s for Thanksgiving or jetting off on a family Christmas vacation? Holiday travel may seem like a daunting task when you’re on the Profile Plan, but it can be much easier than you think with the help of your Certified Profile Coach. Discuss your travel plans with your coach now so you can further your progress toward achieving your goals during the holidays.

To get started, here are three tips you can use to stay on track as you travel this holiday season:

1. Take Your Coach with You

While Profile Coaches can’t actually come with you to Grandma’s, they can provide support over the phone. Your coach is your guide to a healthy lifestyle change. That means they will be glad to call you for your regular appointment or even if you need a pep talk mid-way through your holiday travels.

Sometimes things go sideways during a trip and you run into unexpected challenges. That’s okay. Profile locations can often accommodate same-day coaching. Give your store a call and see what is available.

2. Planning Your Flight

Flying with Profile poses its own challenges. While TSA regulations allow protein powders in both carry-on and checked bags, it is ultimately up to the TSA officer if you get to keep them. That is why we recommend putting your Profile Food in a checked bag. Only put in your carry-on what you need to stay on plan while separated from your checked bag.

If you do need to bring all of your Profile Food with you in a carry-on, keep the boxes the shake packets come in (you can break one down) to show the TSA officer if there are any concerns.

3. Resupply!

If you’re planning an extended trip, your Profile store may be able to send you food while you are away. Talk to your coach in advance about what you think will work best in your situation. If you do run low while on your trip, call your store as soon as possible about shipping food to you. If you are out of Profile Food and waiting for your shipment, your coach can talk through healthier grocery food options you can have to help keep you on track!

Ready to conquer holiday traveling? Visit or call your local Profile store to schedule a coaching appointment. Not a Profile member yet? Set up a free one-on-one coach session to learn how Profile can help you reach your weight loss goals. Click here to meet with a coach today!

We hope you enjoy your holiday season—traveling or not! As you get into the festive spirit with family and friends, Profile is always here to support you on your health journey.