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Living Your Best Life with Profile

Living Your Best Life with Profile

Now that the summer has come and gone, life tends to get a little hectic. Parents send their kids back to school, plan for activities and try to keep up with all their regular housework and errands. Even though there’s a lot going on, September brings a new season and a fresh opportunity to get into a routine, prioritize your health and get on the right track before the holidays. That makes September the perfect time to join Profile. Here’s 7 reasons why you should join Profile and let a Certified Profile Coach help you live your best life!


The Profile Plan is one of the most valuable assets of our program. Our plan was developed by the Profile Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board. It consists of Sanford researchers and physicians and is purpose-built to fit the weight loss needs of each individual member.


Profile focuses on setting short-term and long-term weight loss goals to help our members experience real results. The Profile Plan uses three phases to help you lose weight responsibly and keep it off. Phase one is a low-carb, high-protein meal plan that puts your body into a state of ketosis. It changes the way energy is used in your body, allowing it to burn fat more effectively. The second phase is a transition period. Here, the weight loss will slow down a bit while you work more grocery foods back into your meal plan. The final phase is a long-term plan for sustaining and managing your weight.


Each Profile member receives one-on-one coaching from a Certified Profile Coach throughout their journey. All Profile coaches go through comprehensive training on nutrition, activity and lifestyle skills to help members get the most out of the program. Coaches answer questions, give advice, help you handle success and provide support when you struggle. Through weekly meetings with your coach, you will create a relationship that helps keep you accountable and motivates you to meet your goals.


Profile members achieve weight loss results that open doors of opportunity they never thought were possible. Many of these doors lead to physical fitness. Whether that means running a marathon or simply going on a hike with your children, Profile is dedicated to making physical activity an everyday part of your life. As well as fuel your fitness with the nutritional benefits of the Profile Perform product line!


Profile has impacted the lives of over 85,000 members since its inception. Each and every life we’ve changed during this time serves as our inspiration to continue providing simple, effective and sustainable weight loss solutions. This growing group of Profile members continually motivates and inspires one another. They can witness the remarkable changes being made, interact and support each other online via social media.


Profile members are extremely proud of the weight they lose, but they’re even more proud of the life they gain! The Profile way is more than simply changing the way you eat: members take control of their overall health and well-being. As they live Profile lifestyle, they discover strength that they never knew they had.


In every meeting with their coach, Profile members are educated with valuable information and skills. Coaches introduce them to the nutrition, activity and lifestyle principles they need to live a healthier life going forward.

Every Profile coach is required to complete a rigorous certification process. But many coaches also have bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and prior experience in the health and wellness industry. So they know their stuff!

It’s not one thing, one change or one choice – it’s many of these things consistently happening over time that result in success. Profile is here to help you embark on a journey to your best life and now is a great time to get started!

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