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Keep Your Resolutions Going With These 5 Tips

Keep Your Resolutions Going With These 5 Tips

If your New Year’s resolution was to transform your health and lose weight, you’re not alone. 

This popular goal is made by many every year, yet studies show that 80% of these resolutions fail by February. Make 2022 the year you achieve your health goals and sustain them. Here are FIVE tips to help you reach your goals and keep your resolutions going:

1. Start small.

Work on one change at a time and select goals that are attainable and realistic. For example, if you are new to exercise make it a goal to walk three times per week, rain or shine, for at least 15 minutes. You don’t even have to go to the gym! Take a walk over your lunch break. Each week, slowly add 5-10 minutes until you meet your goal of 150 minutes of activity each week.


2. Put your plan in writing.

You’re more likely to hold yourself accountable if your goal is in writing. When putting your plan on paper, remember to include details:

  • A specific length of time with start and end dates
  • Your reasons (motivations) for changing
  • Any obstacles you may face
  • Strategies to overcome potential obstacles

Make note of how you feel at the beginning of your journey and throughout the process. There’s a good chance you’ll feel better each day. This will motivate you to continue this new habit going forward!


3. Identify a support system.

It’s okay to lean on friends, family, co-workers, or your Profile coach to support you and hold you accountable. From finding an exercise buddy to letting your co-workers know you’re no longer indulging in break room snacks, you’ll find that people are happy to help motivate you and keep you on track.


4. Reward yourself.

When setting your goal, identify certain milestones in your journey. Reward yourself regularly. Did you lose 30 pounds? Take yourself shopping for new clothes. You finally hit your 150-minute activity goal? Treat yourself to a movie and pack your own healthy snacks. These little motivators do wonders to help you continue to reach for that next milestone.


5. Put a plan in place for setbacks.

Veering off track from your goals happens. Create an action plan to get you back on track.

You’ll learn many things about yourself during your weight loss journey, including how you manage your habits. Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight, so give yourself the gift of time to be successful in your habit change process. Soon you’ll start to notice those New Year’s resolutions coming to fruition!

Profile Plan would love to partner with you on your wellness journey and help you keep reaching your goals in 2022. Meet with a Profile nutrition coach for free. We hope to meet you soon!