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How Old is Your Heart?

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Profile® by Sanford®  is using a new screening system that provides valuable information on the overall health of an individual’s cardiovascular system. The technology, known as AngioDefender, is a quick, non-invasive screening tool developed by researchers at Everist Health.

“With AngioDefender, we are providing a new, meaningful measure of a person’s overall cardiovascular health,” says Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert Stephen Herrmann, PhD. “Access to this information can help our members set smart goals in their journey to better health.”

Profile coaches will use data from the screening to help improve the overall health and wellness of its members.  Specifically, information from the screening will be entered into Everist’s proprietary Vascular Age Calculator (VAC). The VAC combines several important health markers and generates a single value – a person’s vascular age – to indicate health status. Health markers include gender, age, blood pressure, smoking habits, BMI, blood sugar and total cholesterol levels.

The AngioDefender screening measures the difference between an artery expanded to its greatest point and its baseline or resting state. The healthier the artery, the greater the expansion. This non-invasive, painless test takes less than eight minutes.

Everist Health CEO Matt Bartlam says, “Eighteen million people die every year from cardiovascular disease, it is the world’s No. 1 killer. I believe our test can make a major contribution to improving the world’s cardiovascular health.” The AngioDefender has been studied in clinical trials in Canada, Europe and India and has shown to work in a variety of environments.

In the U.S., the AngioDefender screening is only available at Profile by Sanford locations. Tom Grady, who owns and operates Profile by Sanford locations nationwide, says the AngioDefender is an important addition for Profile’s smart science approach to healthier living.

“We know there are many elements to our members’ journeys to better health,” says Grady. “Many of them have nothing to do with what the scale says. AngioDefender allows us to show our members how their cardiovascular health can improve through better nutrition, smarter lifestyle choices and increased activity. You can’t see that improvement on a scale. We can with this new technology.”

Most heart problems are reversible if found early. So take care of your heart, and take the free test today!

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