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How This Mom Got Healthier With Her Second Pregnancy

As an exercise physiologist, Stephanie Berger understands the body and how it works. Yet, she was grateful for some accountability and support when she wanted to get healthy before having her second child.

The 31-year-old mom of two became a Profile member after having her first child. “After I had my son, I had gained 50 pounds, and I hated how uncomfortable I felt,” Stephanie remembers. “I didn’t feel like myself, and I knew I needed some help.”

She heard about the Profile MOM program while watching Chelsea DeBoer on the TV series Teen Mom. “She was able to do Profile and breastfeed,” Stephanie says. “I watched her on that show and thought, ‘this is something I can do.’”

Wanting to get healthy before baby #2

Stephanie anticipated trying for another baby but wanted to get healthy before that happened, so it was a perfect time. She joined Profile and followed a custom version of their most popular nutrition plan, Reboot.

By following the low-carb, keto-based meal plan, Stephanie quickly met her goal weight before receiving the news that she was pregnant with her second.

Once pregnant, she started following the MOM nutrition plan, which offers prenatal shakes designed to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant mamas. And this time around, her pregnancy was different. “It was night and day,” she recalls.

Stephanie had fewer cravings, more energy, continued exercising, and gained 15 fewer pounds. She remembers eating bags of chips during her first pregnancy but craving salads her second.

When she was 35 weeks pregnant, she pulled out a shirt she had tried to wear after her son was born. “It’s a flowy shirt, and after my son was born, I couldn’t even get it on,” she says. “Here I was, 35 weeks pregnant, and it went right on. It was a light bulb moment for me.”

Losing weight while breastfeeding

After her daughter was born, she stayed on the MOM program and breastfed while losing weight. “It was so nice to have a plan that I could still breastfeed on,” she says. “This time around, my supply was better, and it was better quality milk.”

Besides weight loss, Stephanie says Profile means so much to her because of how it’s improved her health. Stephanie likes to be active—lifting weights, competing in races, and being outside. She can easily chase her 3-year-old and enjoy her newborn. “I feel so much more like myself,” she gushes. “I feel like I recognize myself.”

The emotional ups and downs of pregnancy and postpartum are challenging, Stephanie says, and to be healthy is a game-changer. “It has made me a happier mom.”

A support system truly makes a difference

Stephanie says she relies on a great support system, including her family and Profile coach. “My husband is super supportive, and he helped me plan meals. My mom joined too and hit her goal. It was nice to have someone on the program with me.”

Stephanie has done several things to stay healthy, including counting macros, exercise-based programs, and the Paleo diet. Going through her Profile journey with a coach made all the difference, she says.

“I stayed with the same coach the whole time, and she helped talk me through things,” she says. “It was so helpful to have that accountability. She got an email when our daughter was born. She was like a friend.”

Most importantly, Stephanie says she learned how to take care of herself long-term. “I’m more of an emotional eater, so I’m learning to cope with my emotions,” she says.

If you want to start your health journey, Stephanie shares this piece of advice. “It’s not just about reaching a certain size. If it is, you’re not dealing with the root of the problem. Your weight loss won’t stick.”

Curious if our program is a good fit for you and your goals? We recommend scheduling a health consultation. This is a free meeting where you can learn more about Profile, meet a coach, and see what your nutrition plan would look like.


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