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Picking the Right Portion Sizes: A Free Visual Guide

portion sizes, healthy meal

An important part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle is knowing what foods you need to fuel your body and how much of those foods to eat. To help, we have put together a free portion size guide.

We also thought we would share some quick, helpful info on portion sizes. When you know how to choose your portion sizes will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods in a way that meets your needs.

Portion sizes versus serving sizes

When you make yourself a tasty meal or snack, do you know how many servings are in the portion you chose? A portion is how much of a food you eat, and a serving size is the dietary recommendation of that food. When you know serving sizes and how many servings you should eat, you can choose healthy portions that fit your goals.

We encourage you to research your favorite foods to learn what portion sizes are a healthy option for you. Here are a couple serving size examples to get you started:

  • One serving of cooked spinach = 1 cup
  • A small apple = one serving of fruit

The portion sizes a restaurant serves you

When you order at a restaurant, the meal you are served is usually more than one serving. In fact, it’s usually enough for two or three people. Over the last 25 years, portion sizes at restaurants have been increasing. We shared more on this topic in our Avoiding Portion Distortion article.

The tools we provide you in the free portion size guide will allow you to maneuver around portion distortion. You’ll learn how you can easily measure your portions no matter where you are.