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Reach Your Health Goals with 3 Time Management Hacks for Busy Parents


The unofficial end of summer is here with school bells starting to ring. As a parent, getting into the swing of a new school year may leave you feeling frazzled as you juggle a full schedule of homework, morning drop-off lines, extracurricular activities and more. With so much going on, it’s easy to put your healthy lifestyle goals on the backburner. Let this school year be the one you stay on track for your weight loss.

I know what you’re thinking, “Easier said than done.” I hear you loud and clear! But by slightly reframing your mindset I believe you can continue down the path of healthy living. Instead of striving for perfection, start tackling just a few things that take up the most time when aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the school year: Here are THREE time management hacks to start doing so today:

1. Match your workout schedule to your kids’ activities.

With the kids’ homework as well as shuttling them to and from their sports and clubs, it’s easy to boot exercise off your to-do list. Instead of skipping your workouts when life gets busy, consider how you can consolidate your time and effort. For example, find another parent at soccer practice you can chat with while walking around the field as you wait for practice to end. This is a great use of time! Or you could trade-off carpool duties with a few other parents and use the extra time to go to the gym. With a little bit of planning and some creativity, you can set up your workout schedule for the month!

2. Use a grocery shopping pick-up or delivery service.

Technology can be a beautiful thing, especially for busy parents and hungry kid! Many grocery stores now have pick up or delivery services. This type of grocery shopping can save you a lot of time, money, and help you avoid poor food choices as you’re building your family’s meal plan for the week. Shopping online also cuts down on the “Mom, can we get this?!” “Dad, I want this!” Just make sure you read your store’s terms and conditions for any fees or minimum purchase requirements.

3. Pack your lunch the night before and teach your kids how to pack their own lunches.

As Certified Profile Coaches, we encourage our members to meal prep and pack their lunches ahead of time. No one likes to rush the morning of a big presentation at work and forget to pack their lunch. While you’re packing your lunch for the next day, take the opportunity to show your kids how they can pack their lunches. Over the next few weeks, this new routine will save you a lot of time as you empower them to take more responsibility in this area. Load the crisper with fruits and veggies the kids enjoy, along with healthy proteins and starches to keep them feeling full and energized throughout the school day. Healthy eating is “normal eating” and it’s never too early to start the habit of packing a healthy lunch.

Want more tips on reaching your healthy lifestyle goals while balancing your back-to-school routine? Set up an appointment with your Profile coach! Not a member? Click here to book a free coach consultation today!


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