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3D Body Scan Guide – All You Need to Know

Profile member holding 3D body scan report of her weight loss.

Tracking progress is an important part of a weight-loss journey. When you see results from your hard work, you’ll be motivated to keep going and feel proud of how far you’ve come. While scales are by far the most common tracking method, they don’t always tell the full story. That is where a 3D body scan for weight loss can help.

Body measurements can give you a better idea of how your body is changing. Profile 3D Body Scan is a new, high-tech way to capture body measurements. Read on to learn more about this body scanner and how it could be beneficial to your weight loss journey.

What is Profile 3D Body Scan?

It’s just as the name suggests! The Profile 3D Body Scan uses a 3D camera and a rotating platform to take body measurements. Now let’s do a deeper dive into the science behind it. The 3D camera uses infrared depth sensors to capture over a million data points. That data is then used to accurately recreate a 3D model with a full report of body circumferences, composition, and shape analysis.

So, what exactly does the camera capture and measure? From the scan, over 30 body measurements are taken including chest, waist, hips, and more. All of these measurements are included in the report you receive. The report also features a digital tape to precisely measure changes in your circumferences. 


How does a scan happen?

It is quick, simple, and easy!

  • Give your local Profile store a call to schedule your scan. A Profile coach would be happy to answer any questions you may have during that initial call.
  • The day of your scan, you’ll want to either wear tight-fitting clothing or bring some to change into. Loose clothing can make it difficult for the sensors to accurately depict body points. Ladies, you can wear a sports bra and workout leggings. Men, bike shorts or boxer briefs with no shirt. If you have questions on your clothing, we’d be happy to assist.
  • When you arrive, a Profile coach will walk you through best practices for capturing an accurate scan and show you how to run the scanner. All jewelry should be removed, and long hair should be tied up in a bun. You will then be given some privacy to complete your scan.
  • The process is quick and non-invasive, as the scan itself takes under 35 seconds. When you’re ready, stand on the platform barefoot in the footprint markings as you face the camera’s tower. Make a loose fist with your hands and place your arms out in the shape of an A. The camera will automatically recognize you’re ready and a voice assistant will provide you instructions.
  • The platform will then rotate 365 degrees. Hold still and keep your head facing forward. Once done, gather your things and come out to chat with the coach. The scanner will put together a detailed report in under 2 minutes. That report can be emailed to you.

coach and member looking at 3D scale


Why do a 3D body scan?

A 3D body scan is the most accurate way to capture your progress. Not only does it capture your weight as a scale would, but it can tell you things like how many of those pounds are muscle versus fat. The old school tape measurer is still a good way to capture body measurements, but the 3D scanner not only captures more measurements it also provides those measurements with less than 1% error.

As you continue through your weight-loss journey, body scans are extremely motivating as you visually see the progress in your 3D models. While the data and numbers will show differences, you can overlay a previous scan with a new one to see just how much your body has changed.

If you’re interested in learning more about 3D body scanning for weight loss or you’d like to have a scan taken, give your local Profile store a call. A Profile coach is ready to answer your questions or schedule your scan.

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Not quite ready to schedule your 3D Body Scan Yet? Check out our free downloadable cookbook. It might just be the kickstart you need to start your weight loss journey today! 

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