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Corporate Wellness That Works

Corporate wellness programs are an invaluable benefit to organizations and their employees. Profile works with organizations of all sizes: from family businesses with two employees to Fortune 500 companies that employ thousands. I’ve traveled all over the country helping organizations work their wellness, but one company has taken the lead in partnering with us to cultivate a culture of wellness within their organization.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with Mattress Firm. With stores coast-to-coast selling innovative, high-quality mattresses, their success in the mattress industry is hard to ignore. But their commitment to service extends beyond their customer base and filters back into their employee base. Mattress Firm truly cares about the health and well-being of their family, which is why they have taken their partnership with Profile to the next level.

A Growing Need

It’s no secret: healthcare costs are on the rise for corporate America. Whether it is the direct cost of employer-sponsored insurance or the indirect costs of diminished productivity, sick days, or overall employee morale – companies are feeling the impact of employee health in the workplace and are actively seeking solutions to lower healthcare costs. Essentially, there are two ways to proactively plan and prepare for this situation: reserve more funds for health care and mask the situation or find a wellness solution to eliminate the situation.

Sure, there are third party companies who can manage your employee wellness as a whole – offering biometric and health screenings to provide organizations with an in-depth look at their overall employee health profile. While this provides a return on investment, the downside is they are often catered to large/global organizations, so you can expect a hefty price tag and a large commitment of company time.

A Win-Win Partnership

Our partnership with Mattress Firm evolved organically when they had a few employees experience life changing results with the Profile Plan. Word spread throughout their company and soon the full scope of their team, from executives to managers to the store-level employees, gave Profile a try, and experienced great success! This led them to pursue becoming a Profile Employer Partner; but they didn’t stop with our basic-level partnership option – they wanted more.

Through our advanced partnership with Mattress Firm, we have become a large part of their company’s culture. We attend their local, regional, and national company events. We work with employees at their corporate office in Houston and at store locations across the country. The partnership has made an impact on their entire organization without a hefty price tag and with a minimal commitment of company time. We are more than just an option they give to their employees to live a healthier life – we are part of their family!

Mattress Firm members lost a total of 3,000+ pounds and we were delighted to be able to celebrate this victory with them in person at their Bed Talks conference. It was an awesome couple days in Houston and more employees committed to a healthier lifestyle with Profile. Mattress Firm’s partnership has flourished due to their commitment to the health and well-being of their employees.

Profile has partnered with over 2,000 companies of all sizes over the past four years to offer employee wellness that aids their bottom line. More importantly, our employer partnerships have taught employees lasting lifestyle change through Profile’s core principles of Nutrition, Activity, and Lifestyle.

Are you a business owner or HR director looking for ways to integrate employee wellness for no cost to your company? Profile has your solution. Call your local Profile location for more information!

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